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Affordable Industrial Mud Jacking in Utah

If your industrial concrete slab is experiencing damage, it can halt production. Fixing the concrete slab is often a major but necessary inconvenience. Repairing the concrete or even pouring a new slab can take much longer than you want. Before you assume that replacing a concrete slab is your only solution, consider the efficient technique known as mud jacking. Mud jacking is an efficient, safe, and convenient way to level the concrete slab without much down time.


Cracks in concrete slabs are a sign of the slab beginning to settle into the soil or the pressure of heavy industrial equipment being too much. You may need to reinforce the strength of your concrete with mud jacking. Instead of removing the current slab, framing, and pouring a new one, which can take days or even weeks, mud jacking can repair cracks in the minimal amount of time. Using specialized equipment, we will drill holes at specific points in the slab, particularly into areas that are causing cracks to form. We then inject those points with a grout mix that reinforces, lifts, and levels the concrete. This mud jacking technique can fill cracks and prevent new ones from forming.


An uneven concrete slab can be a major problem in industrial processes. When sub soil settles, it can create gaps in random areas beneath the slab, causing sections of the slab to sink. An uneven floor can have a negative effect on any equipment being used in that area. Using mud jacking, we can drill through the slab and deeply into the soil where the predetermined gaps in the soil are. The grout mix fills those voids, once again giving the concrete slab a strong, level surface for operation. Mud jacking is an efficient solution for your industrial concrete maintenance needs.