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At Elite Concrete Lifting, we offer a wide range of concrete lifting services to serve the various needs of our clients. Our services ensure that you reap all benefits that mud jacking offers when compared to concrete replacement. Our whole process of mudjacking sunken concrete will:

  • Protect the surrounding landscape from any damage
  • Take care of any issues to do with soil settling and water drainage
  • Cause our clients minimal inconvenience as they can use concrete area immediately
  • Cost you significantly less when compared to concrete replacement

We offer residential and commercial mud jacking services, working in both interior and exterior spaces.  Our elite contractors will ensure effective results that will achieve the desired lifting of the sunken surface. Our clients benefit from expertise that comes from deep experience. We will carry out an assessment that will help us identify the reason for the sunken concrete. We will also let you know if the mud jacking process would be the right solution for you.

Our expertise in mud jacking ensures you end up with a concrete surface that has sufficient leveling and void filling. You will end up with a surface that is as good as new. Our contractors fill and match the drilled areas with the rest of the concrete surface for an even look.

Who we serve

Located in Utah, we offer our services across the Wasatch Front. We answer to the needs of anyone searching online for mudjacking service near me.

For homeowners, our contractors will help deal with sinking problems that show up in different parts of the property. These include driveways, swimming pools, patios and porches. You will improve your home’s curb appeal when you deal with cracked and sunken concrete pathways.

Our commercial mudjacking services help to fill voids that develop under curbs, walkways and even parking areas. An instant fix allows patrons enjoy their visit to commercial properties. In the industrial setting, we provide a quick solution when concrete slab sinks. A sunken concrete slab interferes with the movement of carts and forklifts, affecting productivity.

Our team offers fast solutions that ensure minimum wastage of time, which is a valued asset in any industrial setting. The convenience of mudjacking sunken concrete ensures commercial and industrial properties do not have to deal with any delays that would otherwise cost time and money. The low-cost factor of mud jacking ensures that our clients find a solution that does not come with a high price tag as concrete replacement has.

Contact us today and let us offer you quick and affordable service to deal with any sunken concrete problems you may have.