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Cracked concrete is not just unsightly, it can also be a tripping hazard and a sign of underlying foundation issues. Elite Concrete Lifting doesn’t shy away from small repairs. Their expert crews can tackle concrete cracks using advanced materials and techniques to ensure a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing fix. Whether it’s a hairline crack or a more extensive one, Elite Concrete Lifting has the skills and experience to restore your concrete surfaces to their former glory, preventing further damage and keeping your walkways, steps, and driveway safe and functional.

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After multiple companies came to look at my sidewalk and drive way and no luck we called Elite. They where very professional and knowledgeable. They gave me recommendations and we went the direction they suggested. We are happy we did. No more tripping hazards and the esthetic image of our drive way is much more appealing. We would recommend Elite Concrete Lifting to all of our family and friends that are in the need of this service.

Wade T.

Nate and his crew did an awesome job. They were timely in their work and made a huge impact on our sidewalk. If you need concrete lifted this is your team. Fast, affordable and good customer service.

Devin B.

Elite Concrete Lifting did a great job of void filling under our driveway and back patio. Nate was responsive and informative in the process. Elite even honored the fee quote (without my request) when the void required more fill material than estimated to complete the work.

Shane M.

Concrete Lifting Questions & Answers

What is mud jacking?

Mud jacking, also known as slab jacking or pressure grouting, is a cost-effective method used to lift and stabilize sunken or uneven concrete. The process involves injecting a slurry mixture beneath the concrete slab to raise it to its original level.

How does mud jacking work?

The mud jacking process begins with drilling small holes in the sunken concrete. A slurry mixture, usually made of water, soil, and cement, is then pumped through these holes. The mixture fills the voids beneath the slab, raising it to the desired level.

What types of concrete surfaces can be lifted with mud jacking?

Mud jacking can be used to lift a variety of concrete surfaces, including:

  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Patios
  • Garage floors
  • Basement floors
  • Pool decks
Is mud jacking a permanent solution?

While mud jacking is an effective and long-lasting solution, it may not be permanent. Factors such as soil conditions and the weight of the concrete can affect the longevity of the repair. However, it can extend the life of your concrete for many years.

How long does the mud jacking process take?

The mud jacking process is relatively quick and can often be completed in a few hours. The exact time will depend on the size and condition of the area being lifted.

How soon can I use my concrete after mud jacking?

You can typically use the lifted concrete within 24 hours after the mud jacking process is complete. This allows enough time for the slurry mixture to set and stabilize.

Is mud jacking environmentally friendly?

Yes, mud jacking is considered environmentally friendly. The slurry mixture used in the process is made from natural materials, and the technique recycles and preserves existing concrete structures, reducing the need for new materials.

How does mud jacking compare to concrete replacement?

Mud jacking is usually more cost-effective and quicker than concrete replacement. It avoids the disruption and mess associated with tearing out and replacing concrete, making it a preferred option for many homeowners.

Are there any limitations to mud jacking?

Mud jacking is not suitable for all situations. It may not be effective for concrete surfaces that are severely cracked or damaged. Additionally, it may not be the best solution for areas with poor soil conditions that could cause the concrete to sink again.

How much does mud jacking cost?

The cost of mud jacking varies depending on the size and condition of the area to be lifted. On average, it is significantly less expensive than concrete replacement, making it a cost-effective solution for many homeowners.

How can I determine if my concrete needs mud jacking?

If you notice uneven, sunken, or cracked concrete surfaces around your property, it may be time to consider mud jacking. A professional evaluation can help determine if mud jacking is the right solution for your needs.

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Don’t Let Cracks Get You Down: A Guide to Concrete Crack Repair

Concrete is a workhorse material, forming the foundation of our driveways, sidewalks, and walkways. But even the sturdiest concrete can develop cracks over time. While a small hairline crack might seem like a minor nuisance, it’s important to address these issues promptly. Left unattended, cracks can worsen, leading to safety hazards and costly repairs down the road.

This guide explores the world of concrete crack repair, empowering you to make informed decisions about your concrete surfaces.

Crack Diagnosis: DIY or Pro Help?

The first step is to assess the severity of the crack. Hairline cracks (less than ¼ inch wide) are often suitable for DIY repair. However, larger cracks or those accompanied by uneven slabs or spalling (chunks breaking off) indicate a deeper issue and require professional attention:

  • Depth of the Crack: Cracks deeper than ½ inch signify structural compromise and need professional evaluation and repair.
  • Movement of the Slab: If the concrete slab around the crack feels loose or uneven, professional repair is crucial to ensure stability.
  • Underlying Issues: If the cracks seem linked to foundation problems or water infiltration, professional diagnosis and repair are necessary to address the root cause.

Even for minor cracks, consulting a professional contractor can be a valuable step. They can assess the damage, recommend suitable repair materials and techniques, and answer any questions you may have.

DIY Crack Repair: A Patch Up for Minor Offenders

For hairline cracks on walkways or patios, a DIY approach can be a viable option. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

  1. Clean Up is Key: Thoroughly clean the crack with a wire brush and scraper, removing all loose debris and dirt. Scrub with clean water and allow the area to dry completely.
  2. Open Up the Crack: Use a cold chisel or grinder to slightly widen the crack (to an inverted V shape) for better filling.
  3. Fill ‘Er Up: Choose a concrete crack filler appropriate for the size of the crack. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for mixing and application, ensuring proper filling.
  4. Smooth it Out: Once the crack filler cures, use a trowel to smooth the surface and remove any excess material.

Pro Tip: For a more polished look, after the crack filler cures, apply a concrete sealer to the entire surface. This helps protect against future cracking and staining.

When the DIY Becomes a Don’t-You-Try-It

While DIY solutions can address minor cracks, there are times when calling in a professional is the smarter and safer option:

  • Extensive Damage: For large cracks, spalling, or uneven slabs, professional repair is crucial to restore structural integrity.
  • Lack of Confidence: If you’re unsure about your DIY skills or the complexity of the repair, don’t hesitate to seek professional help.
  • Time Constraints: Professional contractors can often complete repairs in a shorter timeframe than a DIY project might take.

Elite Concrete Lifting: Your Partner in Concrete Crack Repair

Whether you choose the DIY route for minor cracks or enlist the help of a pro for more extensive repairs, Elite Concrete Lifting in Utah is here to support your concrete restoration project. They offer a variety of services, including:

  • Expert Crack Repair: Their experienced crew can handle cracks of all sizes, using advanced materials and techniques for a long-lasting fix.
  • Free Consultations: They offer no-obligation consultations to assess your crack damage and recommend the most suitable solution.
  • Preventative Maintenance: They can advise on proper drainage and maintenance practices to help prevent future cracking.

By understanding your options and the expertise available, you can make informed decisions about concrete crack repair. So, don’t let cracks get you down! Take action today to maintain the safety and functionality of your concrete surfaces. For minor repairs, use the provided DIY guide, or for a professional solution, contact Elite Concrete Lifting in Utah for a free consultation and a guaranteed crack-free future!