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At Elite Concrete Lifting, we do raising and leveling of concrete slabs. As time progresses, concrete slabs tend to sink. When this happens, the surface is no longer level. It may even develop cracks. Uneven surfaces become dangerous, especially when they are on walkways. We provide Concrete Raising and Leveling services that help our clients end up with level surfaces, thus protecting them from any accidents that may lead to lawsuits.

We also understand the consequences that arise from sunken concrete slabs. Water drainage becomes a problem and it may cause further damage to the concrete surface or even foundation of buildings near it. Our services provide the best solution to any issues arising from the damaged section of the concrete slab.

We help our clients understand the reason for the sunken concrete slab. Settling of the soil foundation can cause voids that lead to sinking concrete slabs. Sometimes the material that supports the slabs may also wash away where there is poor drainage of water runoff. Frequent use of the surface can also cause the shift. This mostly happens in industrial settings.

Working with state-of-the-art equipment, our contractors will pump mud jacking mixture beneath the problematic slab. This mixture will fill the void and raise the slab, thus making it level. Our solutions are affordable and the low cost definitely beats the cost of replacing the concrete slab. We offer free quotes therefore making the process even more affordable.

Apart from low cost solutions, our concrete raising and leveling services are convenient as you will be able to use the area shortly after we are done. The process takes a short time to complete and the mud jacking mixture sets quickly as well. The fast solution makes it ideal to use in industrial and commercial areas, thus reducing time wastage that may interfere with the operations.

Contact us today and let us offer you solutions that are ideal for your specific situation. Our contractors have the experience and expertise to handle commercial, residential and industrial needs. We work on walkways, driveways, basements, pool decks, swimming pools, steps and patios. Our solutions to do not cause damage to any of the surrounding areas.

We are available to serve all residents of the Wasatch Front. We are easily accessible for any one searching for concrete leveling near me.  Our solutions prolong the life of the concrete surface regardless of its location. You end up with a surface that will serve you for a long time to come.