Concrete Slab Lifting Service

At Elite Concrete Lifting, we offer homeowners solutions for concrete slab problems. Due to nature or other external forces, concrete slabs shift causing uneven surfaces and development of cracks. The surfaces become dangerous to walk on, interfere with water drainage, industrial operations and damage building foundations.

We offer concrete lifting service that brings lasting solutions to sunken and cracked concrete slabs. We service commercial, residential and industrial properties. We fill the area beneath the slab that has been left void. When the supporting ground beneath the slab shifts, it creates a vacuum that pulls the slab down. By using slurry, we fill the void.

Our experts will assess the situation at your property before coming up with a solution for it. They will lift the slab up by pumping the mud jacking mixture beneath the slab. As the void fills, the slab lifts up, thus levelling the concrete surface. This takes a short time to accomplish, which means you will experience little inconvenience.

With our Concrete Lifting Service, you will not need extensive work to be done. As it does not require replacing the slab with a new one, it takes a short time to get the slab lifting done. Our contractors have the expertise to deal with all possible scenarios happening with your slab. As it takes a short time to accomplish, you will have use of the concrete area in no time.

Our concrete lifting service provides you with numerous advantages. Chief among them is that you will not require to spend a lot of money to fix your concrete surfaces. This low-cost solution is affordable. You do not have to put off fixing uneven concrete surfaces because of fear of high costs.

Our concrete lifting service is friendly to the environment as it requires minimal amount of concrete to fix. It does not interfere with the surrounding areas as it just focuses on the problem slab. If you have surrounding bushes or lawn, you do not have to deal with concrete spills that would damage the area.

You also get to maintain matching slabs as this solution allows you to keep the original slab without you having to replace it with one that might not be the same color.

Get in touch with us today and we will be happy to give you a free quote. Our contractors are experts in fixing driveways, basements, warehouse floors, pool decks, patios, walkways and swimming pools.