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Mud Jacking: A Low-Cost Solution for Utah Residences

House or soil settling (or sinking) is a fairly common problem in Utah. It usually manifests in several ways:

  • Cracks in the driveway concrete
  • Cracked concrete sidewalks
  • Uneven garage floor
  • Cracks or unevenness in basement concrete floor
  • Cracks in patios, front porches, or steps
  • Cracks or settling in swimming pools

If you notice any of these concrete surfaces or structures showing cracks or signs of sinking, we can help. Instead of spending copious amounts of money and time pouring new concrete, our mud-jacking service offers a low-cost solution to settling problems.

The Cause

Settling happens when there are gaps or voids in the subsoil beneath a home or driveway. These gaps are hard to detect when building a home, and often don’t show up until later, when the driveway or house has had time to settle and bear more weight on top of the soil. It is actually a fairly simple and efficient fix for our concrete professionals.

The Aesthetic Fix

This technique can be used on nearly any concrete structure that is falling into disrepair due to soil settling. Of course, one fix is to remove the existing concrete and start fresh; however, this can be expensive and can disrupt your daily life for days or even weeks while you wait for the new concrete to dry and settle. Mud jacking injects a strong grout mix beneath the concrete, raising and leveling it efficiently and almost immediately. Furthermore, we will fill and cover the injection hole with a concrete mix that perfectly matches the existing concrete driveway or patio, so your property maintains its curb appeal!